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Passionate about re-animating human's relationship with nature, Eila weaves together courses and immersions as a speaker, author, advisor, and artist in her work with women and men who are paradigm shifters. She has extensive training with Holly Hamilton of Awakening Avalon in experiential education base that is a powerful and playful combination of earth wisdom, devotional love, and sacred service, and she has completed studies in transformational herbalism and applied flower essences.

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Celtic Earth Wisdom Course


Remote Course

The Awakening Avalon Celtic Earth Wisdom Series is designed to orient and empower you to work in deep communion with the seasonal cycles of Gaia. I am honored to be co-creating The Celtic Earth Wisdom Series with my teacher Holly Hamilton.

This course is designed to help attune you to the rhythms of the Earth and the Cosmos and teach you how to celebrate and honor them as a spiritual practice. 

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The Elements of Magical Writing

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Remote Course

Have you ever dreamed of being a writer but felt like that dream needed feet to ground into the world? Creating stories is a sacred act. We grab the invisible and weave it into words, adding meaning, capturing the hearts of readers and changing ourselves in the process. It is a beautiful, sacred art, and, it can be a challenge to learn how to weave the unseen into visible form. An understanding of the elements helps to give our ideas feet, legs, a body and even the rhythm to dance off the page. When the elements come together, magic is made.



Sacred Agreement: Plant Wisdom

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Remote Course

Connect with the Elements and Cultivate Relationships with Plant Allies.

Session One: Air, Nervous System and Mental Body

Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon Balm

Session Two: Fire, Circulatory System and Energetic Body

Motherwort, Hawthorn, Rose

Session Three: Water, Urinary System and Emotional Body

Mugwort, Jasmine, Nettles

Session Four: Earth, Skeletal System and Physical Body

Cedar, Turmeric, Vetiver