Why I Write

Why I write.


I am curious

about the place where solid land gives way to fluid water; the moment land leaps the horizon to dissolve into sky; and the magic of blue sky turning to mysterious space.

I am enchanted

by borders and edges, in the natural world as well as in the human body.

As an artist, I create to engage and embody these liminal places.

I am committed

to mythic living, a way of consciously living into the magical symbols that surround us. My writing draws on my experience with body-based practices, my lidless curiosity, and respect for the natural world, my passion for women's liberation, and my love of myth and story.

I am a storyteller.

I write to explore, to understand our world, and to imagine new worlds.

I warmly invite you on this journey into the unknown with me. ~Eila

Erin Chalfant