Grounding the Divine Feminine

To bring all this "reclaiming the feminine" talk down to earth: Valuing the feminine is as simple as resting when you are tired, drinking enough water and spending time taking deep breaths outside.

Here's a poignant TED talk on re-valuing the feminine by my fellowWomancraft Publishing author Nicole Schwab.

"The environmental crisis we are facing today has its root in the fact that we value the feminine less than the masculine. We under-value that whichgives life and nourishes.

If we were truly embodied and connected, we would feel connected, every time we take a breath, every time we take a sip of water.

It would change our choices, our behavior and our actions. And it would not be out of guilt. It would flow. It would be out of a natural longing to restore harmony." --Nicole Schwab

Erin Chalfant