Weaving a Family

Just Keep Weaving <3

Weaving a family

As part of preparation for birth, our midwife teaches us how to weave a family through weaving an indigenous Colombian bag called a mochila.

This is how mine is looking so far. Every round, I have to reattach the string to a new piece of string in what is called a marriage. It’s messy, and it makes bumps in the otherwise smooth knots. It drives me crazy.

For the first month, I am sure I am doing it wrong. After that, for several weeks, I am sure others must know some secret I don’t know. I consider giving up. I restart five different times.

And now the baby is coming any day, so I just keep going. Just keep weaving. It may not be pretty or perfect, but so far it’s holding together.

I learn so much in simply going through the layers of my mind and not needing to believe all of them. My hands know the work, and my heart weaves the prayer. For life, for Love, for beauty and connection.

This mochila will hold the baby’s placenta when we offer it back to the earth. It is a sacred reclaiming of our birth right as humans, as creatures of this earth. It is an anchor and a reminder for her entire life that she is part of the mysterious web of creation. She belongs here. She is loved. This is her family, and she is home.

What if we all knew these things in our hearts every day? What if we all acted like one big family...

Erin Chalfant